CBOSSdss Decision Support System

CBOSSdss is a powerful OLAP-based tool for online analysis of large data volumes. The solution enables information provisioning for corporate analysts and managers and facilitates comprehensive data analysis and informed decision making.


CBOSSdss’ modular structure allows the creation of an individual set of data marts meeting the custom needs of a telco. Each module is dedicated to a certain aspect of telecommunications business CBOSS currently offers more than 30 data marts within the following modules:

  • Finance – telco’s financial results, payments, accounts receivable, tariff profitability, etc.
  • Subscribers – customer base, suspensions, geographical profile of the subscriber base
  • Services – call distribution by time-of-day, duration, base stations, and tariff zones
  • Dealers – efficiency of sales channels
  • Roaming – roaming services
  • Inventory – equipment migration and sales CBOSSdss database stores information in multi-dimensional cubes, enabling real-time processing of any, even the most sophisticated, queries. CBOSSdss features powerful tools supporting data selection, drill up, drill down and sorting, along with tabular, graphical and combined (spreadsheet + chart) data presentation.

OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) – online data analysis technology, based on multi-dimensional data marts organization as per the domain model