CBOSSmms Multimedia Messaging Service Center

CBOSSmms enables GSM operators to generate new revenue streams and drive customer acquisition. The solution supports a wide range of multimedia services from postcards, photos and music to MMS games, chats, dating and other value added content services (also from a rich variety of third-party content providers).


MMS messages can be sent from mobile phones, e-mail, web sites, and various external MMS applications. Subscribers can also order rich media content from content providers.

Non-MMS capable phones receive a short message with the URL of the multimedia message saved by an MMSC as a web page.

  • MMS reception, storage and delivery (including repeated, deferred and prioritized delivery options)
  • Delivery status reporting
  • Distribution lists
  • External MMSC support. The functionality enables MMS messaging across different carriers and even telecommunications standards
  • Support of third-party content providers
  • Message conversion to ensure compatibility with the target device
  • Alias numbers
  • Multi-language support
  • MMS templates
  • Source number concealment and substitution
  • Flexible MMS charging
  • Online MMS charging
  • Online rating

CBOSSmms easily integrates with any billing system, including CBOSSbcc Billing and Customer Care. The integration with an SMSC (e.g., CBOSSsms) via SMPP enables SMS notifications and announcements.

  • Efficient usage, boosted traffic and profitability of 3G broadband mobile networks and GPRS
  • Encouraged demand for rich media content, infotainment and data storage services Support of both the operator’s own and content provider’s multimedia content
  • MMS advertising
  • MMS discounts for messages containing advertising information (with part of the cost covered by the advertiser)