CBOSSvideoPortal, a further development of the Video IVR service, is an interactive entertainment portal the subscriber gets to by dialing a dedicated number. CBOSSvideoPortal provides the necessary technology infrastructure for enabling interactive access to multimedia content.

Now, subscribers’ favorite entertainment video portals are available on mobiles. Of course, you can access a video portal from a mobile via GPRS, but, first, it’s not for sure that mobile version of portal exists. Second, you may not have the video player or codecs it requires. You will not have such a problem if you make a video call.

A separate and, perhaps, the most attractive option of the video portal is streaming live video broadcasts from a webcam to a mobile. Traffic on busy highways, queues at supermarket’s checkout counters, etc. Access to live or recorded events: sports, concerts; TV contests and voting services.

An additional feature allows subscribers to connect their own webcams to a video portal for surveillance over objects they want to secure (a child at home, entrance to the garage, and so on). The subscriber pays a certain fee for connecting a webcam to the portal and can anytime call there, enter the appropriate menu item and, once authorized, access his/her webcam.

The functionality can also be extended by the capability for authorized portal users to enter a separate menu item where they can record video online and post it on the portal so that other users can watch it.


The service allows subscriber to access the required video content even when Internet connection is not configured, and even a browser is not installed.

The subscriber dials the operator’s video portal number and sees a video menu on the mobile screen. By selecting certain menu items, the subscriber can watch new music videos, fragments of sports event and entertainment show broadcasts, animated horoscope and much more.

  • Recording and posting your own videos.
  • Instant access to video content though convenient video menus.
  • Instant access to information (no WAP loading times) through DTMF.
  • Protocols support:




  • Providing subscribers access to their favorite Web video portals from mobiles: no need in Java apps, video players, Web/WAP browsers and even Internet connection, all the user needs is to call the dedicated number.

CBOSSvideoPortal easily integrates with other CBOSS’ or third-party video services like IVVR or videoRBT. In addition, CBOSSvideoPortal can be integrated with the CBOSSmcms Mobile Content Management System.

Optionally, Web interface for CBOSSvideoPortal administration is available.

  • Increased revenue from video content:

Fees for viewing videos.
A periodic subscription fee for viewing specific streaming videos.

  • Beneficial partnership with content providers.
  • Use in advertising purposes.
  • Stronger subscriber loyalty due to the personalized approach and an enhanced portfolio of services.
  • Easy integration enabling rapid development of service functionality and fast time-to-market for portal-based offerings.