CBOSSabd Abbreviated Dialing System

Every subscriber occasionally needs to ensure privacy of the mobile number and avoid unwanted calls CBOSS offers CBOSSabd Abbreviated Dialing System designed to ensure subscriber privacy by assigning an alias number.

Incoming calls

To call an alias number, the calling party dials the designated CBOSSabd number followed by an alias CBOSSabd then forwards the call to the actual phone number.

A customer may also get an alias number from the operator’s number capacity In this case, dialing the CBOSSabd service number is not required.

Outgoing calls

The service user dials the CBOSSabd number and a destination phone number. The called party will only see the caller’s alias number. If the subscriber dials the CBOSSabd number only, the IVR prompts entering of the required destination number.

  • Alias numbers from telco’s number capacity
  • Allocation of several aliases to a subscriber
  • Call forwarding

All the calls to an alias number are forwarded to the phone number specified by the service user

  • Alias availability schedule
  • Alias management via Web and IVR
  • Alias suspension
  • CDR generation

CBOSSabd integration with the CBOSSbcc billing system enables advanced functionality for convergent service provisioning. An open architecture of the system allows its integration with any third-party billing solution. CBOSSabd’s web interface can integrate with CBOSSics Internet Customer Service.

  • Enhanced satisfaction and loyalty of subscribers provided with number confidentiality
  • Additional revenue

Calls to an alias number can encourage subscribers to call back, thus enabling the telco to generate additional revenue

  • Reduced load on automated customer care system

Web interface allows customers to set service parameters without any assistance, thus taking the load off the automated customer care system