CBOSScrbt Color Ring Back Tones

CBOSScrbt is a service allowing subscribers to use their own audio fragments (music, voice messages or sound effects) to replace the standard ring back, unavailability or busy tones. Such sound fragments can be selected from the database or specially recorded by the subscriber. CBOSScrbt is the perfect tool to take the individualization of phones to a new level and introduce a comfortable level of informality into communication.


CBOSScrbt is launched when subscriber B calls subscriber A (a service user). If subscriber А has replaced his standard ring back tone, subscriber В hears the new fragment while waiting for the response.

If subscriber A lifts the receiver, the connection is established. If subscriber A is busy (or unavailable) and has replaced the corresponding sound fragment, it is played back to subscriber В and the connection is closed.

  • Replacement of standard ring back tones
  • Capability to assign individual ring back tones to different callers
  • Ring back tone management
  • Ring back tone schedules
  • Flexible charging for operations with ring back tones
  • Efficient ring back tone access control
  • Enhanced customer features such as fragment shuffle or temporary ring back tones for a certain period of time or a certain number of playbacks

CBOSScrbt integrates with any billing system, including CBOSSbcc Billing & Customer Care CBOSScrbt’s web-based API ensures seamless integration with various systems and allows the development of user-defined client applications for system administration.

CBOSScrbt’s web interface can integrate with CBOSSics Internet Customer Service. SMS and USSD interfaces are available in the event of integration with corresponding systems such as CBOSSsms Short Message Service Center, CBOSSussd USSD Messaging Center or third-party solutions.

CBOSScrbt also integrates with CBOSScallScreening Call Filtering System to reject or automatically forward untimely or unwanted incoming calls and limit outgoing calls.

  • Increased revenue from audio content
  • Additional profit generated by subscription fees and fragment change fees
  • Beneficial partnerships with content providers
  • Stronger subscriber loyalty due to the personalized approach and an enhanced portfolio of services
  • A challenge to competitors as you may be the first to offer such a service in the regional market
  • Easy integration enabling rapid development of service functionality and fast time-to-market for CBOSScrbt-based offerings