CBOSSnewNumber Number Change Notification Service

The CBOSSnewNumber product is intended to notify those who call the service user of a number change and to provide them with a new number.

As a rule, changing a number is extremely inconvenient, the greatest inconvenience being the probable loss of contacts. The CBOSSnewNumber product helps solve this problem. When the subscriber changes the number, at the old SIM card he/she enables the call forwarding to the service number. If someone calls the subscriber’s old number, the call is forwarded to the service that notifies the caller of the number change and notifies the service user of calls to his/her old number (subscribers are notified depending on the service settings).


The system operates in the following way. The CBOSSnewNumber service receives a call forwarded from the old subscriber’s number and retrieves the associated new number of the service user from the database. If the “Notification of Number Change” service is enabled at the service application of the retrieved number:

  • the caller is played back the number change message;
  • if the caller notification is enabled in the service parameters, the service sends a short message with the notification that the called party has changed the number with the new number specified or not (depending on the subscriber notification type);
  • if the service user notification is enabled in the service parameters, the service sends a short message with the notification that a call has been made to his/her old number as well as with the called number.

To modify service parameters, the SMS interface is provided.

  • Notifying calling subscribers of target subscriber number change
  • Notifying service user of forwarded calls
  • Multilingual support
  • Support of Multiple Associated Numbers
  • Processing calls from subscribers whose number is not identified or who have CLIR service
  • Support of notification templates

The integration of CBOSSnewNumber with the CBOSSbcc Billing and Customer Care System allows the operator company to tariff the service in a flexible way. The service can be one-time, periodical, free of charge, etc.

The CBOSSnewNumber system can be integrated with external monitoring systems (in particular, with the CBOSStmn Telecommunication Network Monitoring System) by means of the SNMP. In this case, the CBOSSnewNumber operator can monitor the operation of all modules that support the CBOSSnewNumber work, receive prompt notifications of all alarms and take appropriate measures.


The product benefits are as follows:

  • Capability to notify callers of a number change of the service user.
  • After receiving the information on a subscriber number change, the caller can call the new number, which allows the operator company to increase the traffic and to get additional income.
  • Providing subscribers with more comfortable conditions of using the main telephone service. The subscriber do not lose important contacts when he/she changes the number.
  • Capability to polish the image of the cellular operator as a technologically advanced participant of the telecom market, due to the customer focus and provision of a wider range of services.
  • Usage of subscriber number change notification templates.