CBOSSvfmail Voice/Fax Mail System

CBOSSvfmail equips subscribers with electronic mailboxes that serve as multi-channel feature-rich answering machines allowing voice and fax message reception and storage.


CBOSSvfmail provides an individual voice/fax mail-box to every service user. If the customer is unavailable or his/her number is busy, the call is automatically forwarded to his or her mailbox. The caller hears a pre-recorded welcome message and is then prompted to leave a message CBOSSvfmail saves the message, automatically defining the format whether voice or facsimile. As soon as the mailbox owner becomes available, the system informs him or her of new messages. The subscriber can set the phone number or e-mail as well as the time for notifications.

  • API-based software tools for mailbox creation and removal
  • Storage of voice and fax messages
  • Support of various mailbox groups
  • Automatic message type identification
  • Various types of new message notifications
  • Message management via Web and IVR
  • Training mode for new users
  • Multilanguage support
  • User-defined mailbox settings
  • User-defined welcome messages
  • Compatibility with any phone type
  • User-friendly web interface
  • Message forwarding from one mailbox to another
  • Immediate callback/reply support
  • Voice recognition
  • CDR generation
  • Capability to set the moment when mailbox call charging is to be launched (e.g., immediately or after a welcome announcement)
  • Easy integration with other software products

CBOSSvfmail integrates with:

  • Various billing systems, including CBOSSbcc, enabling automatic charging of CBOSSvfmail-based services
  • Various SMSCs, including CBOSSsms, for SMS notification of new messages
  • Various mail systems to deliver e-mail notifications of new voice messages
  • Various call centers and automatic customer care systems, including CBOSSacc, which allows the considerable reduction of the load on the customer care departments
  • Increase in billable voice traffic from calls encouraged by voice messages subscribers received while busy or unavailable
  • Higher quality of customer care
  • Automatic notification of new messages
  • Use of all CBOSSasap advantages:
    • Flexible management and access control
    • Statistics collection
    • Redundancy and scalability