CBOSSvideoRBT Video Ring Back Tone

CBOSSvideoRBT is an innovative and cutting-edge service that allows subscribers to use their own videos (videoclips, video messages, or video effects) to replace the standard ring back tones for the calling party when a video call is set up. Such video files can be selected from the database or specially recorded by the subscriber.

CBOSSvideoRBT is a perfect tool for making phones more individual and improving the quality of communications.

CBOSSvideoRBT also serves to expand a carrier’s business and develop profitable partnerships with content providers. Operators and content providers get another opportunity to boost their revenue by offering a wide range of video files, introducing a subscription fee, etc.

The only restriction for applying the CBOSSvideoRBT system is support of video calls both by a subscriber’s phone (the feature is available on most modern mobiles) and by a telecom operator’s network (UMTS, LTE, VoIP etc.)


A video ring back media service prescribes to the same usage model with mobile subscribers as CBOSScrbt either purchasing video ring back content from their mobile operator, or from a content provider, or creating their own video ring back media.

Through a service provider portal that is accessible via their handset or on the web using a computer, mobile subscribers can select from various video content organized by categories. Personalizing service settings can enable the subscriber to specify different content based upon who is calling them as determined by the caller’s number. For instance a short vacation video could be configured by the mobile subscriber to be used when any one number in a group of numbers identified as “family members” calls.

  • Custom video RBT.
  • Capability to assign individual video RBT to different callers.
  • Video on:

Call setup



  • Corporate  video RBT.
  • Advertising and sponsored video RBT.
  • Scheduling and filters.

CBOSSvideoRBT integrates with any billing system, including CBOSSbcc Billing & Customer Care. CBOSSvideoRBT’s web-based API ensures seamless integration with various systems and allows the development of user-defined client applications for system administration.

CBOSSvideoRBT web interface can integrate with CBOSSics Internet Customer Service. SMS/Video SMS and USSD interfaces are available in the event of integration with corresponding systems such as CBOSSsms Short Message Service Center, CBOSSussd USSD Messaging Center or third-party solutions.

CBOSSvideoRBT also integrates with CBOSSvideoPortal which stores the required video content.

  • Increased revenue from video content
  • Beneficial partnership with content providers
  • Additional profit generated by subscription fees and fragment change fees
  • Stronger subscriber loyalty due to the personalized approach and an enhanced portfolio of services
  • Easy integration enabling rapid development of service functionality and fast time-to-market for videoRBT-based offerings