CBOSSvideoMail Video Mail System

CBOSSvideoMail service makes video communications more attractive. Having missed a video call, subscribers who use the service can receive video messages left for them even when out of coverage of a network supporting video calls. The CBOSSvideoMail service allows a telecom operator to increase voice and video call traffic (and consequently its revenues, too) thanks to the fact that none of the calls of video mail users are lost.



CBOSSvideoMail provides an individual video mailbox to every service user (subscriber B). If the subscriber is not available or the number is busy, the video call is automatically forwarded to his/her mailbox. CBOSSvideoMail plays back the mailbox owner a welcome video message and records a message.

As soon as the subscriber is available, the system sends an SMS notification of a new video message stored in the mailbox. Upon returning to the coverage area of a video call-enabled network, the subscriber can make a video call to his/her mailbox and watch the video message left.  Even out of coverage of a video call-enabled network, subscribers can receive and play the video message left if they access their mailboxes through the Web interface. The system can also send the video message as an MMS or e-mail it to the address specified in the settings. Therefore, video messages are delivered to subscribers regardless of their location.

  • Multiple types of new message notifications.
  • Message management via Web and IVVR.
  • Guide for new users.
  • Multilanguage support.
  • Individual mailbox settings.
  • Access security.
  • Immediate callback support.
  • VoIP support.
  • Missed video call notifications.

CBOSSvideoMail can integrate with the following systems:

  • various billing systems, CBOSSbcc included, to enable automatic management of mailboxes and service charging;
  • various SMSCs, CBOSSsms included, to provide subscribers with SMS notifications of new video messages in the mailbox;
  • MMSC of various vendors, CBOSSmms included, to deliver video messages as MMS;
  • various e-mail systems to e-mail video messages to the subscriber’s e-mail address;
  • various call centers and automatic customer care services, CBOSSacc included, to reduce the load on the Customer Care Department as well as to speed up delivery of financial data and ads to subscribers.

CBOSSvideoMail provides the following benefits for telecom companies:

  • Increase in charged video traffic and, consequently, the company’s profit.
  • Strengthening of subscriber loyalty thanks to delivery of high-quality video services.
  • Applying of existing voice mail schemes to video mail.
  • Delivery of financial data and ads to subscribers via video.
  • Seamless management of video messaging.
  • Easy implementation for companies using the CBOSSvmail product.
  • Capability to use the product in LTE, 3G, 4G, and VoIP networks.

For subscribers:

  • Continuous availability for video communications even when out of coverage of networks which support video calls.
  • Multiple types of notifications of a new video message. An option to receive video messages by e-mail or MMS when out of video call-enabled network coverage.
  • A single user-friendly video interface for video message checking, mailbox configuration, and notification option setup.