CBOSSwelcomeRoamer Roamer Notification System

CBOSSwelcomeRoamer enables carriers to notify in- and outroamers by SMS. With CBOSSwelcomeRoamer, travellers can get timely information about the local operators, available services, account balance, currency exchange rates, weather forecast and more.


When a new mobile phone is registered in the visited network, customer data is transferred via the MAP protocol to the home operator’s switch. It signals that the customer has entered the roaming zone, and an SMS notification is to be sent to the roamer.

If the subscriber has the right to get the service, CBOSSwelcomeRoamer dynamically generates a message text and sends it to an SMSC that delivers the message to the subscriber. Afterwards, a CDR is generated on the switch.


  • Welcome messages to roamers
  • Repeated notification
  • Flexible message templates
  • Dynamic message content
  • Subscriber support
  • Automatic phone number-based language selection
  • Black list support
  • Registration statistics

CBOSSwelcomeRoamer seamlessly integrates with SMSCs from any vendor, including CBOSSsms Short Message Service Center, using the standard short message peer-to-peer protocol SMPP.

  • Higher quality of customer care

Sending various useful information to roamers, the operator can deliver a superior customer experience.

  • Subscriber support

Every roamer appreciates the capability to stay in touch with the home operator. The roamer notification service provides familiar convenience far beyond the customer’s home coverage.

  • Additional revenue

The welcome message can offer various roaming services that may be of interest to the roamer. In addition, the roamer aware of dialing rules and other important information won’t hesitate to make a call or send SMS, which will surely boost telco’s chargeable traffic.

  • More efficient roamer management

Based on statistics collected by CBOSSwelcomeRoamer, the carrier can improve the efficiency of roaming settlements and pricing.