CBOSSvideoSMS Video Messaging System

CBOSSvideoSMS replaces traditional text and voice messaging with more true to life communications where the sender can be seen and heard. Video messages are more suitable to convey real emotions and thus can make communications more effective. For example, you can create a family congratulation video or tell your friends about a purchase while demonstrating it from every angle.

To send video messages, the user just needs a phone with a video call feature. No additional applications are required. Thanks to its usability and effectiveness, CBOSSvideoSMS surely can become an effective means of delivering advertisements, greetings and entertaining messages.


Two sending options are supported for video messages:

  • Sending a prerecorded video. The user (subscriber A) sends the called party (subscriber B) a prerecorded video either from the phone or through the service Web interface.
  • Recording and sending a video message. The user dials the CBOSSvideoSMS service number, enters the called party’s phone number (or a list of numbers) and records a video message.

The system sends the called party an SMS with a phone number. To play back the video message, the subscriber should call this number. The direct delivery option is supported as well. When enabled, the user sends a video message and after that the service calls the subscriber and plays back the message.

The subscriber can play back, delete, answer or forward the received video message. The system sends the calling party a delivery report once the subscriber played back the message.

  • Delivering Video Messages.
  • Delivery Report.
  • Notifying the Calling Party.
  • Multilanguage Support.
  • Service Provisioning in Roaming.
  • Administration.
  • Charging.

CBOSSvideoSMS integrates with any billing systems, including CBOSSbcc. Diameter support enables integration with prepaid platforms (e.g., CBOSSrtb), enabling real-time VMS charging.

CBOSSvideoSMS easily integrates with other CBOSS’ or third-party video services.


The CBOSSvideoSMS service offers the following obvious benefits of video messaging:

For subscribers:

  1. Video messaging allows the most true to life communications.
  2. Video messaging is a more personalized way to communicate as compared with text or voice messaging.
  3. Video messaging enables one to post video to one’s own video blog by sending messages to one’s own subscriber number.

For telecom companies:

  1. Considerable revenue increase thanks to providing video content.
  2. Delivery of video ads.
  3. Interactive support for subscribers.