CBOSScallMe Notification Service

In the world of increasing competition between mobile operators, telcos are facing additional challenges. Innovative new services designed to generate additional revenue and strengthen customer loyalty play here a major role.

Today, prepaid customers actively using mobile services may allow their account balance to fall to zero, prompting the operator to terminate service.

The CBOSScallMe notification service enables the customer to request a call from another customer. In addition, CBOSScallMe allows a customer to request someone to recharge his/her account. Using the two above-mentioned functionalities, your customers will be able to stay in touch, even in case of low account balance.


Subscriber А sends a free USSD or SMS request to CBOSScallMe with the destination number (subscriber B). CBOSScallMe sends an SMS to subscriber B requesting him to call subscriber A back (Call Me) or recharge his/her account (Recharge Me).

If the destination phone doesn’t support SMS (e.g., a PSTN phone), CBOSScallMe calls subscriber B and plays back the automatically generated voice message with a request to call subscriber A back (Call Me) or recharge his/her account (Recharge Me).

  • Customizable message text

CBOSScallMe supports flexible notifications, enabling its usage for several purposes, for example, to request subscriber B to call subscriber A back (Call Me) or recharge his/her account (Recharge Me).

The first usage option (Call Me) is efficient, when subscriber A’s account balance allows him/her to accept incoming calls, while the second one (Recharge Me) is applied otherwise. The functionality also supports notification texts in any language.

  • USSD interface for service users

Subscriber А may place a “call me” request via USSD

  • USSD-Like interface for service users

Subscriber А may place a “call me” request via USSD-like interface. The subscriber just dials CBOSScallMe service number combined with subscriber B’s number, e.g. “11144755100100″. Where “111″ is CBOSScallMe short access number and “44755100100″ is subscriber B number. The call to CBOSScallMe is released right away. As there is no voice connection the call is free of charge for the subscriber.

  • SMS interface for service users

Subscriber may place a “call me” request by SMS that contains subscriber B number

  • SMS notifications

Subscriber B may be notified by SMS

  • Voice notifications

Subscriber B may be notified by an automatically generated voice message

  • Voice notification repeating

In case of using voice notifications, the service allows subscriber B to switch to the interactive mode. For example, after the voice message has been played back, subscriber B may be prompted to press “1″ to repeat the message or press “#” to exit.

  • E-mail notifications

Subscriber B may also be notified by e-mail

  • Automatic determination of notification type

CBOSScallme can determine, if the destination phone supports SMS or not and send either a text or a voice message, accordingly.


CBOSScallMe needs to be integrated with an SMSC and USSD Gateway to support SMS and USSD interfaces. CBOSSsms and CBOSSussd (for GSM) or CBOSSussdLike (for CDMA) can be used to provide these functionalities.

CBOSScallMe can also integrate with third-party SMSCs and USSD Gateway via SMPP. If necessary, CBOSScallMe can integrate with an MSC via SS7 ISUP to enable voice notifications.

  • CBOSScallMe provides operators with the following benefits:
  • Wider range of services provided, greater customer satisfaction
  • Boosted traffic generated by customers who would otherwise refrain from calling (also while in roaming), resulting in additional revenue generation
  • Customer retention and loyalty strengthening ensured by a new freebie
  • New customer acquisition enabled by service advertising
  • Higher service usage enabled by a rich variety of convenient interfaces, including USSD and SMS
  • Higher service usage due to the capability to notify any subscriber (including PSTN subscribers), even not supporting SMS, by a voice message