CBOSSvpn Virtual Private Network

CBOSSvpn is designed to integrate mobile terminals into a single corporate telephone network based on a private numbering plan.

CBOSSvpn enables automatic posting of charges to the personal or business account depending on the call type.


Upon call reception, the VPN system defines the call type (personal or business), checks caller authorization and verifies the filters. Then it establishes the connection, forwards the call to the preset destination number, or terminates the call. After call termination, the system generates and saves a CDR file in the format required by the billing system.

  • Private numbering plan within a VPN network
  • Business and personal calls charged to separate accounts
  • Domains (subnets)
  • Incoming/outgoing call screening
  • Subscriber and filter groups
  • Mobile office
  • Virtual subscribers (VPN numbers for subscribers not belonging to the VPN)
  • Caller ID
  • Multi-language support
  • Web interface for network administration

CBOSSvpn easily integrates with CBOSSbcc Billing and Customer Care and third-party billing systems. To enable the full-scale functionality, the billing system should support the charging of business and personal calls to separate accounts. CBOSSvpn also integrates with any SMSC, including CBOSSsms Short Message Service Center. Integration with CBOSSacc Automatic Customer Care enables CBOSSvpn customers to enjoy the standard ACC functionalities and build the company’s corporate ACC service.

VPN enables customers to:
  • Control all business calls
  • Limit personal calls
  • Integrate remote offices into a single network
  • Optimize communications costs
  • Create a simple VPN number-based corporate communication system
VPN enables operators/service providers to:
  • Acquire new corporate customers
  • Generate new revenue streams (e.g., subscription fees, server lease fees)
  • Enhance company’s image