CBOSSvote Automatic Votes and Competitions System

CBOSSvote enables online interaction with a wide audience via marketing research, polls, free and paid contests, quizzes, games, etc. Votes and contests may involve the telco’s subscribers only or a mass audience. CBOSSvote registers participants’ replies to questions, stores the call data into the database and aggregates the information for further analysis.


To participate in a voting or contest, a subscriber can make a call or send an SMS or USSD request to a CBOSSvote number. The system will play back the voting topic and answer variants. If a subscriber already knows them, he or she may vote immediately.

  • Poll creation and management
  • Contest creation and management
  • Televoting with results displayed in real time
  • Voting via IVR, Internet, SMS or USSD
  • Campaign data storage
  • Provisioning of event information in real time
  • Traffic and billing records upkeep
  • Statistics and reports

CBOSSvote integrates with any billing system, including, enabling chargeable votes and contests

Integration with various analytical systems (e.g. CBOSSdss Decision Support System) enables the processing of the voting information, analysis of answer distribution among voter groups (by marketing categories, settlement methods, tariffs, etc.), identification of group preferences, and organization of target marketing campaigns

  • Improved customer care due to awareness of customer opinions
  • Increase in chargeable traffic
  • Additional revenue due to the paid-for votes and competitions
  • Multiple simultaneous polls
  • Effective interaction with TV viewers
  • Scalability.  Support of any number of inbound lines due to the modular architecture