CBOSSmcms Mobile Content Management System

CBOSSmcms allows telecom operators to expand customers’ mobile experience by providing them with an ability to order rich multimedia content from different content providers, send text and multimedia messages, and subscribe to regular newsletters.

CBOSSmcms is the system of choice for telecommunications operators as well as service and content providers.



A subscriber can order a multimedia message to any phone number by using:

  • SMS or USSD
  • Operator’s web site
  • IVR systems (e.g., CBOSSacc) integrated with CBOSSstc, a service telephone card system

Receiving a request from the subscriber, CBOSSmcms queues and processes it If necessary, the system connects to the billing database for the subscriber data. If the subscriber balance is sufficient, CBOSSmcms retrieves the ordered multimedia objects and forwards them to an SMSC or MMSC that delivers it to the recipient. Depending on the format of the multimedia objects, subscribers receive the objects themselves or a link to them


CBOSSmcms meets the most stringent requirements of today’s telecommunications market, providing wider reporting, integration, and customer care opportunities

Basic features
  • Handset identification to provide correct content representation on WAP sites visited by subscribers
  • Content download progress control and support of download statuses
  • Content protection against unauthorized retransmission by subscribers (BlueTooth, IrDA, etc.)
  • Delivery of default content in case of order error
  • Text and multimedia subscriptions
  • Content order in favor of third parties
Charging features
  • Support of individual prices for each multimedia object
  • Support of individual prices for different content types
  • Modular charging schemes
  • Order confirmation (before the ordered content is delivered and charged, the customer receives a free SMS asking to confirm the order)
Features of customer’s web interface
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Easy search for handset-compatible content
  • Wide choice of content formats and delivery options
  • Multimedia Album

CBOSS Multimedia Album allows subscribers to create personal multimedia libraries by adding and filing multimedia objects via web or MMS interface. The multimedia library is an easy way for creating and sending multimedia messages including images, texts, and melodies. The option also enables customers to participate in the creation of the content provider’s multimedia database, posting his or her own multimedia objects to the public catalog.


The CBOSSmcms functionality can be considerably expanded through the integration with:

  • CBOSSsmsRouter

This enables telcos to synchronize SMS services in various subnets, while maintaining a single SMS environment. An SMS router is a mandatory component of the CBOSSmcms configuration for content and service providers, allowing them to connect to multiple carriers and deliver their services to a larger number of customers.

  • Any billing system, including CBOSSbcc
  • CBOSSrtb – a real-time billing system
  • SMSCs from different vendors, including CBOSSsms
  • MMSCs from different vendors, including CBOSSmms
  • CBOSSprepaid Intelligent Prepaid System
  • Different web-enabled customer self-service systems, including CBOSSics to control access to the system, boost service usage and give subscribers a mechanism to control their account balance
  • Various IVRs, e.g., CBOSSacc
  • CBOSSstc to allow subscribers to pay for ordered content by prepaid telephone cards
  • Various Internet services
  • Versatile content (ringtones, images, Java games, multimedia messages, etc.)
  • OMA DRM-based content protection against unauthorized retransmission by subscribers (BlueTooth, IrDA, etc.)
  • Full downloading control
  • Various content delivery methods (SMS, MMS, and WAP)
  • Flexible statistics
  • CBOSSmcms resources lease to any third-party including carriers, content and media providers
  • Support of third-party content
  • Higher revenues due to increase in SMS and USSD traffic, use of WAP content, and system resource lease to third-parties including carriers, service, content and media providers
  • Multimedia Album is an efficient MMS traffic driver allowing customers to upload their multimedia messages to a public catalog, thus expanding service provider’s content database. An album can be administrated to allow or ban certain multimedia objects in the database.