CBOSSacc Automatic Customer Care

CBOSSacc is purpose-designed to automate telco’s customer care.


CBOSSacc provides inbound and outbound customer notifications. On inbound notification CBOSSacc provides interactive menus and customer notifications. In the interactive mode, CBOSSacc allows the subscriber self-service via IVR, USSD or SMS. Customer notification can be initiated either by the telco’s agent or by an external system. For instance, the billing/prepaid system can generate customer notification requests in case of suspension, exceeded credit limit, account top-up, tariff changes, etc.CBOSSacc generates the message and delivers it to the subscriber via IVR, SMS, e-mail, USSD, or fax.

Interactive Self-service
  • Interactive customer service via IVR or USSD (requires integration with a USSD center).
  • Information request by SMS and email.
  • Paid information-based services such as transport schedules, currency exchange rates, weather forecast, etc.
  • Call forwarding to Customer Care or other services.
  • Support of DTMF and user voice commands
Integration with CBOSSbcc (or other billing system)
  • Account balance inquiries, registered payments, and suspension forecast
  • Activation/deactivation of value-added services
  • Operations with F&F numbers
  • Voluntary suspension/reconnection
  • Bills and/or call itemizations deliverable by fax (the Fax Delivery option required)
  • Promised payments
  • Scratch card payments

Subscribers can activate scratch cards in the interactive mode or by calling the dedicated access number and entering the card PIN.

  • Bankcard payments
Automatic Notifications
  • Scheduled auto-notifications
  • One-off automatic and agent-initiated notifications
  • Notifications of individuals and subscriber groups Exclusion lists are supported
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Automatic notifications via SMS and USSD (integration with SMSC and USSD center required)
  • Bills and/or call itemizations deliverable by fax (the Fax Delivery option required)

Both regular and one-off delivery modes are supported. The system features flexible charging of the fax delivery service.

  • Notifications delivered to the preset destination number

A subscriber may specify the phone number for notifications

Integration with CBOSSbcc (or another billing system)
  • Notification of approaching suspension (e.g., when the account balance is approaching the partial suspension threshold)
  • Notification of new services with an option to subscribe

During the automatic notification session, CBOSSacc may offer the subscriber to activate the new service immediately.


CBOSSacc can integrate with any external database (including prepaid and postpaid billing databases), which allows CBOSSacc to request the information from the database, generate dynamic messages and forward them to subscribers, enabling interactive and on-demand notification. In addition, it allows CBOSSacc to receive, process and register any subscriber data (payments, service profile updates, etc.) in the database. The integration with a USSD center enables a USSD connection to CBOSSacc. The functionality is especially appealing to roamers, subscribers in noisy places or those preferring on-display menus to IVR

The integration with an SMSC enables newsletter mailing and SMS delivery Similarly to USSD, SMS messaging is the channel of choice in case of poor audibility. Moreover, today SMS mailings are one of the cheapest notification methods. CBOSSacc can also integrate with a wide range of information systems, including VAS services, providing them with auto-notification channels. The integration with loyalty support systems (e.g., CBOSSbonus) enables bonus account management and bonus balance inquiries via CBOSSacc.