CBOSSmdCDR Automatic CDR Collection System

Timely account balance update is one of the powerful customer loyalty drivers in telecommunications business. Fast call rating is therefore mission critical. Hot call rating requires automatic CDR collection from the switch, file delivery to the rating server and queuing for processing. To tackle these tasks, CBOSS offers an automatic CDR collection system CBOSSmdCDR.


Depending on the switch type, CBOSSmdCDR copies or extracts CDR files and creates backup copies. Then CBOSSmdCDR moves CDR files to the work catalog of the rating server and queues them for automatic rating. Unnecessary backup copies are deleted, and rated CDRs are passed through to the billing system. The solution does not disturb switch operation or disrupt data availability.

  • CDR collection from the switch (automatic, manual, upon a certain buffer size)
  • CDR backup
  • CDR storage on the FTP server
  • CDR file archiving
  • File header conversion to ensure compatibility with the billing system (file renaming, standard headers)
  • CDR file queuing for automatic rating
  • Operation statistics

CBOSSmdCDR seamlessly integrates with CBOSSbcc. The solution’s open architecture allows the integration with third-party billing systems. The integration with CBOSStmn allows the monitoring of CBOSSmdCDR operation. The solution also integrates with the traffic engineering systems (e.g., CBOSSte) to enable the collection of statistics on CBOSSmdCDR operation, CDR file sizes and volume of CDR files. The collected data allows network load evaluation.

  • Automatic CDR collection enabling hot call rating
  • Interface with any switch and billing system
  • File backup preventing data loss