CBOSSmdDrive External Resources Management System

CBOSSmdDrive is designed to automate the management of switching equipment in real time. CBOSSmdDrive features unique customization capability to fit the operator’s network environment.


CBOSSmdDrive converts billing system requests into a sequence of commands and forwards it to the switch. The system then analyzes the switch response, checks command execution, generates the execution result code and passes it through to the billing system.


CBOSSmdDrive enables automatic management of different switching equipment in real time and supports the following functions:

  • Real-time processing of billing system requests
  • Manual and automatic forwarding of commands to the switching equipment Execution of batch files, containing a set of switch-specific commands
  • Simultaneous management of multiple switches
  • Registration and setup of new switching equipment
  • Operation logging on hard disk
  • Operator alarming
  • Customizable user interface, operation mode, logging parameters, alarming, connections to the switch and more

CBOSSmdDrive seamlessly integrates with CBOSSbcc. The solution’s open architecture enables the integration with third-party billing systems and:

  • Network management and monitoring systems from different vendors, including CBOSStmn.
  • SMSCs, AAA servers, voice/fax mail, prepaid and IP platforms from different vendors, including CBOSSsms, CBOSSvfmail, CBOSSprepaid, and CBOSSip.
  • Fast request processing, improved QoS
  • Mediation between any switching equipment and billing systems from various vendors
  • Reduced labor and financial costs enabled by automated mediation
  • Automatic switch equipment monitoring and control