CBOSSnetInventory PSTN Inventory Management System

CBOSSnetInventory streamlines the operation of all PSTN-oriented departments. The solution supports the business processes that are specific to a fixed line carrier:

  • Management of the structured cabling system
  • A prompt installation feasibility analysis
  • Repair office automation
  • Automatic line testing
  • Network topology analysis and development

All the PSTN nodes (PBX modules, MDFs, burglar alarm panels, distribution boxes and connectors) and their locations are registered in CBOSSnetInventory. The system presents information in tables (structured cabling systems) and as a tree (network topology).

The system also stores information on cable duct equipment and multiplexing devices CBOSSnetInventory enables the individual accounting of resources allocated to a particular subscriber number, the automatic load-based allocation of resources to new subscribers and the provision of alternative resources in the event of component failure.

The system also automatically registers phone installation and repair requests, while distributing the respective tasks among company employees thereby maximizing the efficiency of work planning.


CBOSSnetInventory requires a minimum amount of subscriber data: name, phone number and installation address from an external database.

  • End-to-end control over the usage and maintenance of the telco’s structured cabling system
  • Cost-effective maintenance of the network due to the improved performance of engineering departments and repair offices
  • The capability to analyze the network topology, as well as load and expansion perspectives
  • Better acquisition and retention of customers due to improved customer care

CBOSSnetInventory determines the feasibility of phone installation immediately on the customer’s request and enables fast troubleshooting.