CBOSStmn Telecommunications Management Network

If network element control is not centralized, service management problems, as well as additional support and administration costs are inevitable. Moreover, information on emergencies and bottlenecks may be partially lost resulting in the QoS degradation.

CBOSStmn is purpose-designed to monitor all elements of the CBOSS comprehensive solutions. CBOSStmn performs remote control of emergencies and alarms, and enables prompt operator’s response and efficient troubleshooting. This results in improved manageability and reliability of the telco’s information infrastructure.

CBOSStmn helps detect system vulnerabilities, allows the forecast and prevention of potential hardware/ software malfunctions and failures, and enables more efficient network allocation and configuration CBOSStmn controls the operation of:

  • CBOSS hardware-software products
  • Telecom equipment: switches, controllers, base stations
  • Server equipment: database server, application server, rating server, switch management server, etc.
  • Software
  • Voice channels
  • Signaling links


CBOSStmn enables the whole cycle of real-time fault management – from detection to elimination. In addition to malfunction and error monitoring, the system tracks operation parameters (e.g., free HDD space, length of auto-notification queue, etc). If the monitored parameters deviate, CBOSStmn sends alarms to the technical support personnel. Being aware of failure reasons, the authorized employee can take necessary steps and prevent the emergency.

Troubleshooting management
  • Real-time network monitoring:

Detection of malfunctions of the controlled object, problem spotting and itemized logging

Various means of visual presentation

  • Alarm processing:

Functional processing, including the detection of complex links between failures

Notifications containing static and dynamic data

Alarms and failure status reporting by e-mail, SMS, USSD, visual alarms (change of the object color on the network chart), etc

Adjustment of functional processing and notifications to the operation schedule

Fault management

CBOSStmn provides tools for comprehensive fault management – from problem detection to elimination. The following tools are available:

  • Recommendations and instructions, documentation for the controlled object
  • Network element management: automatic response to alarms, automatic and manual software management
  • Alarm registration for the retrospective analysis and tendency/bottleneck detection
  • Responsibility-based alarm screening
Configuration management for CBOSStmn and monitored systems
  • Object status management with configurable monitoring parameters
  • Independent object representation
  • Information can be represented as an object hierarchy, maps or schemes
  • Scalability and customization
  • Additional tuning operations:

Attribute-based representation of monitored network elements

New object hierarchies based on existing ones

Information security management
  • Access control and multi-level authorization
  • Operation logging
  • Single intelligent troubleshooting database
  • Inbuilt information and guidelines
  • CBOSStmn self-diagnostics and operation statistics collection
  • Automatic switch to stand-by connections
  • Software/hardware redundancy

The support of multiple data collection methods enables CBOSStmn to control operation of all CBOSS solutions, including CBOSSbcc Billing and Customer Care and third-party intelligent systems SNMP support allows interaction with a wide range of third-party devices and software. CBOSStmn easily integrates with CBOSSdss Decision Support System to detect weak points, critical events, implicit links between failures, and improve the overall network quality.

  • Single center for network data processing
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Only a few agents are required to monitor even the most sophisticated network.

  • CBOSStmn can be run by different company divisions as it can separate monitored nodes and represent network elements interconnected or combined into sets. Access to data and data presentation are customized to fit the division’s need.
  • Prevention of malfunctions CBOSStmn sends an alarm when there is a deviation in normal device or system operation Proactive notification allows taking actions just in time to considerably reduce the number of malfunctions.
  • Minimization of damage through fast and efficient identification of the alarm reason

In case of emergency, the operator immediately receives accurate information about the error followed by recovery guidelines.

  • Emergency information used for planning proactive actions to ensure enhanced network reliability